Liz Weatherley

Abraham did an amazing, thorough job. Can’t believe how brand new our oven looked when he had finished. And just the little things like cleaning the floor and putting the rugs back afterwards are things I very much appreciate. He gave me some great tips about...

Kelly Moniz

Just had our oven cleaned by Maid in Heaven and we are beyond impressed. It is totally spotless! Such an amazing job! We highly recommend them if you want your oven looking brand new again!

Vanessa Strang

My friend gifted me an oven clean for my birthday today from this business. Thanks so much for making my oven look like a new oven! Amazing job and to top it off Kayleigh sent me a bunch of flowers for my birthday! First class service and this beautiful gesture. I...

Linette Meyer

Kayleigh is AMAZING and her attention to detail will definitely ensure that your place is spotless. She is a stickler for cleanliness and making sure everything is hygienic. You can not go wrong making a booking with her!

Rebecca Maree

Awesome job cleaning inside and outside of windows and mould around the edges. Thanks so much!